Who dominated Forex

Large banks and financial institutions is dominating Forex Trading, to the extent of about 95 percent of FX trading around $ 3 billion. The rest is from individual operators. There were some valid reasons for the lack of individual players in the forex market, unlike the stock market. The lack of education, a good trading facilitation, a regulated forex market and the lack of security are among the main factors responsible for this. Another reason for the absence of small traders in forex exchange market was a relatively larger amount of money to get started. The perception is that one needs a considerable sum of money to launch the exchange trading.
The atmosphere forex international trade has undergone a huge change in a few years earlier. There is more free educational material available online, many websites providing free forex training and there was a degree of regulation in the United States for the protection of small forex traders, most trading platforms and software have become available.
A significant change was the introduction of mini forex trading. Individual players have had a great impetus to this new tool. Small businesses can now open the so-called mini accounts with a minimum of $ 50 - $ 100 and start playing the forex market. With mini forex trading, forex market is no longer a monopoly of large banks, multinational corporations and financial institutions. The number of individual players is steadily increasing. We can expect that in future this number will rise.


Everyone can be a forex trader

Everyone can be a forex trader. It doesn't matter what's your job. If you're a housewives, a professional, an employeer, a college student, a teacher, or even an entrepreneur, it is possible to exchange currency career by following simple rules. Although it is recommended for new players to have a forex training before entering the market, it is not absolutely necessary. In training, you will learn the basic principles of foreign currency and also teaches various strategies for use on various market trends. Nevertheless, everyone can be a forex trader.

Remember that before you enter into foreign currency, you should understand that this is a very risky business. Forex market is also a very profitable, so if you are good and doing it right, you can become rich quickly. You can use the money in the forex market to buy or sell a currency if the currency is stronger and weaker. But remember that this is not as easy as it seems. The forecast of the results of a forex market is difficult and, in most cases, impossible.


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